Owner's Story

Jason Gu, owner of Baike Hotel, is an experienced cycling guide who has been working for Bike China Adventures for more than 8 years. On his 5th bike trip to Ping'an, he met his lovely wife Liao Yebang. After a year, they decided to get married and build their own house.

Jason was born in Jilin Province far in the Northeast part of China(near North Korea) and spent 5 years in Chengdu, Sichuan, attending and graduating from Chengdu Sports University with a Bachelor of English Language. Jason worked as a bicycle tour guide for Bike China Adventures, leading numerous bicycling tours, mostly domestically in China. The longest being the "Grand China Tour" which spanned 53 days, 4,100km from Kashgar, Xinjiang Provice(Pakistan border) all the way to Beijing, crossing the entire country from west to east. After many years of bike guide work, Jason decided to settle down in Longji Rice Terraces, Guilin. There he lives a life centered around his favorite people and things: his family, China, meeting new people from around the world and ensuring they have a wonderful and memorable stay in his family hotel!

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Jason Gu

Baike Hotel

Hotel Profile

Baike Hotel is a local family-run hotel set up in 2013 for the purpose of providing good accommodation and guide service for both Westerners and Chinese. Our hotel is focused on you and your needs so you can experience the Rice Terraces at its best.  

 Longji Rice Terraces

"Life is like riding a bicycle over a mountain pass, riding down must be great fun and exciting, but only riding up strengthens your muscles. "

        Baike Hotel



Jason and his wife Liao Yebang shoot their pre-wedding photo at the Longji Rice Terraces